Thursday, November 28, 2013


If you enojoyed the previous theme then I hope you'll like this one too! Here's Rachel as my model again in her beautiful white dress. She looks so much like a princess. :) Can I just say once more how in LOVE I am with her bedroom and furniture.

An outdoor series will be next! ;)
Time is seriously passing so fast; the first week of the holidays is almost over already, wow.

-Leona. ♥

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Knits.

Such a relief to know the holidays are here, finally! Last weekend (or was it the week before?), not too long after our final exams, I managed to have a photo shoot and I felt so so satisfied because I've been dying to shoot for so long!! (I know I say that all the time) Also, personally I think (hope?) I was quite happy with the results. But you be the judge!

Just like all of my other shoots, this one went on for nearly the whole day and so there was time to do many different themes; This post will be on the first indoor theme. :)
Lucky for me I had my new model, Rachel, and her beautiful, BEAUTIFUL bedroom to perfect all the pictures, not to mention the new camera I've just got (I'm so in love with it I have no idea why I didn't decide to get a new one earlier). Seriously though, Rachel's room is so pretty and Tumblr-like I couldn't stop admiring it. You can see how much time and effort she puts into decorating it. And Rach herself was such a confident and willing model! She was so co-operative and natural and really seemed to know what to do in front of the camera. Also thanks to Resha who was there to kindly assist us; she's featured in a few of the pictures here too. :) Okay enough blabbing, here's the first theme :

Will be back real soon with another series! Happy holidays :)

-Leona. ♥