Friday, December 27, 2013

Sweet Dreams. (and Merry Christmas!)

Yep I know Christmas has passed but better late than never right? Haha so this is just another indoor theme I had featuring Rachel at night (it serves as a decent Christmas theme too heh); I mean how could we pass up a shoot when her room was tempting us with so many beautiful fairylights?! I've always wanted to do a shoot with fairylights so this was finally my chance. ;) On a side note, Merry Belated Christmas! Hope you all had an amazing one. :)

Surely a Christmas post wouldn't be complete without a Christmas tree picture, so here's a bokeh-filled one I took while at Michael's early Christmas party:

Can hardly believe the year is nearly over. And school starts in what, a week?! Better make the most out of 2013 before it ends. Also, sometime during the Christmas season I traveled to Bangkok for vacation so most probably I'll be posting about that pretty soon. Thanks for reading! x

-Leona. ♥