Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bangkok Pt.1

During the school break last month I made a short trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Unbelievably it was my first time visiting there and I hardly expected to love the place so much. First of all the people are so warm and friendly and you can really see how every working person takes pride in their job. Also the weather there was actually quite cold! I never imagined Thailand to have such cool weather especially since whenever I think of Thailand the first thing I think of is hot sun, hotter than Malaysia; but I guess the climate has changed greatly.
Here are pictures from my first night after I arrived. My family and I went on a dinner cruise and it was a really great experience; night lights reflected on water are one of the most beautiful things. Can't wait to do it again! :)

Thank you for reading! :)

-Leona. ♥

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014.

Happy new year, everyone! It's unbelievable that 2013 passed us just like that; seems like so much has happened in that short time but it was a great year that I'm thankful for and I can only hope 2014 gets better.

Went for a New Year's Eve party at an aunt's condo in Mont Kiara and the balcony from there overlooked such a vast view of the city! At 12 midnight we were able to see more than 6 different sessions of fireworks going on in the distance, but I focused my shots on only the nearest spot. Since it's my first time photographing fireworks and I was quite nervous! So here are some of the decent ones. Not too good, but they'll be better next time!

The whole city awaiting the new year's approach.

12.00 a.m:

Hope you all have a fantastic new year ahead! As for me I feel like spending every single day of this year studying because of my O-levels finals this October. School starts on Monday and I'm definitely feeling the pressure already. Expecting less play and more work but still planning to take more photos! Let's welcome 2014 and do our best to accomplish more goals. :) Happy new year again!!

P/S. Customized my blog yet again to a template that I'm finally actually satisfied with! I never liked any of my previous blog templates or backgrounds haha. Think I'm sticking with this one for quite a while; really love its clean, simple concept. ;)

-Leona. ♥