Sunday, February 9, 2014


Just updating on little things here and there. :)

1. A small souvenir from Korea given by my piano teacher. Miss that place too much!
2. Vintage pieces I grabbed while in Bangkok:
3. Mint green + Floral sneakers which I've always wanted. + Vintage bag and iPad case! :)
4. I should take more pictures of my dog. It's a big 'hello' from Snowy. :)
5. A belated birthday gift from Rachel, but still a gift nevertheless. ;) Will never get tired of vintage pieces!

Just need to say a few words on how sorry I am that someone who was an inspiration to me and many others is no longer with us. UK-based Malaysian photographer Mandy Faith passed away earlier this Thursday and it was such a shock for me. She was a one-in-a-million photographer who was not only extremely extremely talented but, although I don't know her in person, she was so helpful and friendly. She was always generous in sharing her tips and photography secrets and never hesitated to give advice or encouragement to more amateur photographers like me. I decided to pick up a camera in the first place because of her. Yes, her photos move me that much; they just can't not have an impact on people. And also if it weren't for her I wouldn't have started this hobby or created this blog. When I first started out, who but Mandy herself was so kind to follow my blog even when it only had zero-something followers! I really felt so honored and encouraged by that single gesture. Her personality along with her photos and talent are what makes her my no.1 inspiration and role model (always will be) and I'm sure she'll live on in the hearts of others whom she has inspired. It's so sad that she left so early, but she'll be greatly missed and remembered. R.I.P, Mandy.

-Leona. ♥