Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perth (Day 2)

In the morning we took a ferry cruise to Fremantle, which was beautiful all over! - Blue waters, sea breezes, clear blue skies, seagulls, and not to mention the fish 'n' chips which tasted bomb. :D Had a wonderful time exploring around town, took a train back to our hotel and then ended the day with a leisurely stroll in the park til sundown.
At Dome. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed this fancy breakfast!
Just decided to include random ferry passengers in some shots.

Will be back soon with more updates; I better finish posting it all before my school suddenly announces our next exam! Thanks for reading. :)

-Leona. ♥

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Perth (Day 1)

Hello! Just got back from a relaxing 4-day holiday in Perth, Australia, and I definitely didn't expect it to be such a calm, peaceful place! It was far from busy and bustling but I loved it and really enjoyed the peace and quiet and fresh air. The weather was perfect too; extremely sunny with clear blue skies and yet so cool and windy! I'd say it was the perfect getaway from Malaysia's blazing weather, which seems to get hotter and more humid each day.

Thanks for reading :) I hope everyone has had a great Easter! Will upload more from this trip soon. ;)

-Leona. ♥