Sunday, April 19, 2015

Celtic Lady.

Hello again! Back with more portraits of a new model! This is Ada, made in Hong Kong (in case you were wondering about her name), who is one of my amazing college buddies. :) Last month, the both of us had a girls-prep session at home getting ready for our college's Orientation Ball, and we had oodles of time before the night event so Ada, who is ever photo-ready, was more than obliged to model for a spontaneous mini shoot. It produced so many good shots which I'm really happy with! Courtesy of her HK superstar-like features and her winning smile (her laugh is even more stunning), of course. The white dress makes her look like some goddess. I'll also not neglect to mention she is the tallest girl in our cohort.
Enough said; I hope her beam makes you smile today too!
P/S. Guess who did her hair! ;)

This shoot was great fun with her, and so was the rest of the evening at the Ball where we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly—it was really such a wonderful night. 
Anyhow, this is definitely not the last you'll see of Ada! We plan to shoot again in the near future—hopefully after the upcoming first sem exam (the stress couldn't be more real)—so look forward to more pictures of her! Also, portraits have been filling up my blog lately, so maybe I'll work on and post some backlog pictures from overseas vacations soon.

Thanks for reading! xx

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pink Tape.

Here's another series inspired once again by 에프엑스 f(x), this time by their older album 'Pink Tape'! Their album shoot featured a retro theme that was both artsy and quirky, yet slightly eerie and alluring; I think the whole thing was just very eccentric. So of course Jade (view her blog here!), Resha and I were totally smitten by this concept and that was how this shoot happened. It was actually done on the same day as our 'Red Light' shoot (my previous post) which was not a very good idea, as proven by the small number of photos we managed to take. Nevertheless it was fun and I'm glad we finally got around to doing these 2 themes after talking about it for three or four months! 
P/S. I did everyone's hair. :D
Taken by Jade, edited by me:

That's it for now! My next post will be probably back to pastels and all my usual 'light-coloured' themes and editing hehe. It was fun experiencing with darker edits though; will definitely try more of them next time. :) Thanks so much for reading!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Red Light.

Hellooo! Apologies for the terribly long hiatus this blog has been having. I realise this is my first blog post of the year; just proves how busy everything is now that college has started. I always used to hear people say that college is when all the real stress piles up and now I know just how true that is. :(
Despite all that, during the Chinese New Year holidays last month Jade (click here to view her blog!), Resha and I found time to do a shoot inspired by 에프엑스 f(x) 's 'Red Light' album (NOT music video btw!). We've been planning this shoot for ages (since last October) so it was quite satisfying to finally get to work on it.We love how aesthetic and slightly grungy the Red Light album concept is and that was what we wanted to recreate in these photos, hence the unusually heavy editing to depict the whole moody feel. And for me that means one big, BIG step out of my comfort zone aka pastels and soft colours. It was a bit tedious and took a pretty long time post-processing this series since I'm not used at all to 'dark', grungy edits, so I hope you can excuse amateur work (or give helpful tips on editing these kind of dark looks hehe). Anyhow, as you can see I've edited these photos in ways I normally wouldn't have, and that means tinted blackandwhites, darker tones, light leaks, textures and a lot of grain and noise. Another highlight of this theme is the half-makeup, half-barefaced look (which includes the brows, lips and contact lenses), also completely inspired by the girls of f(x) who pulled it off so flawlessly. Hair and makeup for everyone here was the proud work of yours truly. :D Enjoy!
These are photos taken by Jade, edited by me: 
Resha randomly took this one of me when I wasn't ready, but I quite like it! Notice the different-coloured eyes. ;)
To those of you who are used to my regular soft pastels, I hope this different concept doesn't scare you off! I'll soon upload another post with a series similar to this one. :) I love staying in my comfort zone and being 'consistent' in my themes, but every now and then I'd want to try something completely different. What's life without challenges, right? Besides, this album concept by f(x) was just too good to not get inspired by it.
And yes I'll try my absolute best to update as frequently as possible! I shouldn't use college as an excuse haha. Even my Instagram has been dead for a while now. Many have asked what happened to my lack of posts and that honestly makes me really happy, knowing that there are people who enjoy or look forward to or at least notice my work, so thank you!! You have no idea how much I appreciate every little compliment or even helpful criticism. :))

Til next time! xx