Saturday, May 30, 2015

Out and About.

Last month I met with the talented Sonia for a photo walk around town, where we basically took pictures of each other. Sonn and I had been to the same middle/high school some years ago, but never really knew each other personally since we were in different years. Around sometime last year though, we started communicating on Instagram (upon seeing each other's photos) and one day decided to meet up, and so we finally did last month! Her style is more inclined to street and urban photography, which is quite unlike mine. Also I had never actually went out on a walk to take photos around town or the city before this, so it's about time I experienced it! So glad that it was Sonia who accompanied me on this first-time experience; wouldn't be the same if it wasn't! And that's not only because she taught me how to explore precious nooks and crannies in bustling urban areas and to be more bold when looking for the picture perfect spot, hehe. :) Really enjoyed myself that day. I think it's amazing how a simple mutual interest in photography can lead strangers (or semi-strangers, in this case) to find new friends in each other. I realised this so much more, this being my first time meeting up with someone I don't know in person for photography purposes. Hope to do this way more often, and to have more photo sessions with Sonia in the near future too of course!
Sonia's legs are goals.
These are some pictures taken by Sonia of me that I like (edited by me). She's fantastic with angles! :

I have a batch of photos from a recent shoot still in the process of editing! Excited to post them soon; Until next time! :)